Her Beauty

Meet Amber!

Meet Amber Tonn a rising star at the mega beauty brand Paul Mitchell. She's the newest Web Content Manager at John Paul Mitchell Systems®, in charge of what we see and how we interact with the band online. She is also a new first-time mother, wife, the modern bad ass working woman! 

John Paul Mitchell Systems®, is a top manufacturer of salon-only professional hair care products, has been serving the professional beauty industry for over 30 years. The company currently produces over 100 products are sold through distributors within North America. 

We had the privilege to sit down with a very pregnant Amber and asked her 30 questions to get her take on beauty, life and what it means to be a part of Amanda Marshall! 



1. Last meal? 

Amber: Poached eggs with avo and spinach, and a blueberry smoothie.

2. Most prized possession?

Amber: My heart

3. Describe your style in three words…

Amber: Understated. Sporty. Chic.

4. I’m happiest when...

Amber: I’m dancing.

5. Favorite night to get all dolled up is…

Amber: Date night with my hubby.



6. Your favorite go to hair style is…

Amber: Air-dried beach waves.

7. Tell me one hair trick that you don’t ever share…

Amber: Less is more.

8. Your favorite daydream….

Amber: Always involves a tropical island.

9. How does being a web content manager for Paul Mitchell influence your personal style?

Amber: Being surrounded by creative, colorful personalities inspires me to take style risks.

10. Do you have a signature hair look?

Amber: Effortless waves with a deep side part.

11. My greatest hair moment was when….

Amber: I nailed pin curls at a 50’s inspired wedding. I haven’t been able to top it since...


12. Your hair pet peeve is….

Amber: Ladies, work WITH your natural texture.

13. What 3 hair essentials can you not live without…

Amber: Texturizing Sea Spray and a wide tooth comb (must-haves for achieving the answer to question #6).

14. Night out or Netflix?

Amber: Easy… Netflix and chill with my hubby

15. The key to life is….

Amber: Knowing enough to know that I don’t have it all figured out… and choosing happiness.

16. Tell me the one hair product or item you love the most right now?

Amber: MarulaOil. It brings life back to parched locks and smells incredible.


17. Hair accessories!?

Amber: The tried and true, bobby pin. For function and abstract expression.

18. When do you wear your hair extensions?

Amber: Any and all moments that call for volume… so a lot!

19. Your most embarrassing social media moment?

Amber: Oh, no. My permissions are dialed in to disallow any leaks. ;)

20. My greatest style regret ever was…

Amber: Not being able to stop my sweet mother for keeping my hair cut, in what can only be described as a mullet, for a solid 3 years of my childhood.

21. What trending hairstyle would you love to try?

Amber: Cornrows! But I’m afraid of coming out looking like Spring Break gone wrong.

22. If you could chat to your younger self, what advice or words of wisdom would you tell her?

Amber: NEVER accept less than you deserve and the world will never offer a higher price then you ask. Be bold.

23. What song would be on the Soundtrack of your life?

24. What does your hair say about you?

Amber: I’m chill.

25. Who is your hair crush?

Amber: Solange Knowles

26. What does it mean to be a part of Amanda Marshall…?

Amber: It’s an honor to be surrounded by smart, passionate and creative women who inspire others on the daily.

27. What was the last country you visited and why?

Amber: Peru. I went on a five-day (four-night) hike through the Andes mountain range. 17,500 feet into the sky… because life.

28. Who’s your main fashion and or style inspiration?

Amber: Carrie Bradshaw

29. Tell me something you've learned about yourself through your pregnancy?

Amber: Beyoncé was right—we really do run the world.

30. Beauty is… 

Amber: Personal and subjective—do you.