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Lazy Girl Style Guide!

The Lazy Girl Holiday Style Guid!

Baby, it’s cold outside. And that just makes our mornings lazier than ever. The snooze button has never been more tempting than it is when it’s too chilly and your bed's too warm! Plus this time of year usually brings with it a crazy busy schedule and plenty of social events to attend. So we came up with the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Holiday hair so you can a) stay in your cozy bed a little longer in the morning and b) get holiday party ready with minimal effort.






#1. Whip your hair into a low ponytail. Braid. Wrap the braid into a bun and pin in place. DONE.


#2. Have natural hair? We LOVE this look, “Pineappling.” The best part about it is you can set it up the night before...and all you have to do in the morning is fluff it up! Before bed, gather your curls into a high, forward-facing ponytail, pin the ends down, and put on your satin bonnet. Go to sleep and your ‘do will be ready when you wake up!


#3. Speaking of easy buns, a touch of hair product can go a long way. Instantly take your casual bun to the next level by adding a smoothing product to your hair before pulling it back and then spritzing down flyaways with some hairspray. Go from laid back to elegant in seconds!


#4. Accessories always spice things up, so why not accessorize your hair to spruce up a laid back low bun? A fancy headband effortlessly adds glam to your easy, thrown back hair.  We especially love crystals during the holiday season!


#5. Skip the blow dryer altogether by slicking your hair back into a bun while it’s still wet. It’ll dry in place!



#6. A simple braid will make a pulled back look more interesting. If you aren’t good at braiding, don’t worry...this style looks good even with flyaways and imperfections!


#7. When in doubt, just add a scarf. Not only does this give a simple, easy hairstyle a boost, but it can make an easy outfit more glam as well. We like metallic or festive colored wraps paired with an all black outfit. So chic!



#8. Rock a doobie. While this style is usually used as an overnight straightening method for curly hair, if you use some blinged out pins you can go straight from bed and out the door without any additional effort.

#9. Add volume to your hair while you’re putting on your makeup and getting dressed. Just roll some curlers into your hair at the crown of your head and leave them in while you go about your morning routine. Take them out when you’re ready to go and voila! Perfect, effortless volume.

#10. This looks very elegant and hard to do but in reality it's SO EASY. All you need is a cute elastic headband. After arranging the headband on your head, just tuck your hair into it starting near your face and working your way to the back of your head. It takes about five minutes to get together and the result is super glam and super party ready.