Her Beauty

Meet Kamila

Her name is  Kamila Winska a rising start in the PR world. 'I believe hard work achieves everything' Kamila says,  'I moved into my own place at 19 and it has been history ever since'. I worked two restaurant jobs, went to school and interned with the PR firm Agence Select. I try to utilize every hour of every day. Coffee is a life saver, my car is my right hand, and my friends and family are my back bone. Dreaming is key, but chasing them is even more important. I am Polish, and tell everyone that is willing to listen. I am an account coordinator at Agence Select a public relations firm. I believe one must know a little bit about a lot, and PR is exactly that. I love wearing many hats during my job. We work with many incredible people, that is definitely my favourite part of the job. I found myself being pressure trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. The problem was I wanted to do everything, and through PR I can do just that! 


 Our Questions For Kamila 

1. Last meal... A bowl of spinach and cheese pastina

2. Most prized possession... Just one? Definitely my shoe collection. If had to pick one its my build a bear Angel I got her for kids day (a national Polish Holiday) from my mother. She has travelled and been everywhere with me since that day

3. Describe your style in three words… make a statement

4. I’m happiest when…. I am surrounded by my friends and family. They have made me the person I am today. Stood by me when I was down and cheer me on when I am up.

5. Favorite night to get all dolled up is… Christmas Eve, which is also my birthday

6. Your favorite go to hair style is… 100 percent a messy bun. 

7. Tell me one hair trick that you don’t ever share…hairspray makes everything stay.

8. Your favorite daydream…. there are many. I tend to live in my head. I always picture myself being on a porch in a rocking chair drinking tea watching the breeze run through the grass and a huge weeping willow. It represents a sense of complete serenity. I am constantly on the go, and surrounded by a fast pace environment. Therefore I daydream about stillness.

9. How does being in PR influence your personal style? Haha Black. A lot of black. I love to wear black and in this industry its always appropriate if not expected. 

10. Do you have a signature hair look? Unfortunately, again a messy bun. I do like curls and volume when I go out.  


11. My greatest hair moment was when…. A very good friend of mine is an incredible hairstylist back home in Poland, when he was starting out he would always style my hair for fun. My greatest moment was when he perfectly straightened it (no stray hairs).

12. Your hair pet peeve is…. when I take the time to straighten my hair and it decides to flip out.

13. What 3 hair essentials can you not live without…Conditioner, hair spray, and my brush.

14. Night out or Netflix? Netflix. I have a soft spot for movies and tv shows. Especially since I barely have time to sit down. Any opportunity for a Netflix night I am there.

15. The key to life is…. love. Love yourself first. Once you accomplish that everything will follow. It is the hardest goal to reach, but extremely fulfilling. Accept that you cannot please everyone, so focus on pleasing yourself first.

16. Tell me the one hair product or item you love the most right now? Moroccan Oil, Having blonde hair this stuff is phenomenal.

17. Hair accessories!? Bobby-pins. I freak out when I run out, I always have a couple packs in stock. They are live savers. 

18. When do you wear your hair extensions? I've worn them to weddings,  where I have shorter hair and when I need to fill my bun. 

19. Your most embarrassing PR moment? I am horrible with names, which is the worst quality you can have in PR. I never forget a face or story, but the name is always a challenge. I cannot say the celebrity I did this to, but I looked at them and asked them who they were, apparently everyone else in the room knew but me. The worst part was I helped set up the guest list. Not good. 

20. My greatest style regret ever was… To be honest I own my style, it is for me. I do not regret any of it. It is a learning process and at the time it felt right. Probably when I was a child, looking back I do not know what I was thinking. I went through a lot of phases: Juicy couture velour tracksuits, Ed Hardy everything, every colour of AND1s, leather pants at the age of 8, there were a lot of trends I followed.


21. What trending hairstyle would you love to try? Colour. I would love to try a funky colour like blue or pink. Maybe some highlights or just the ends. I do not think I am brave enough to do the whole head.

22. Who’s your main fashion and or style inspiration? That is so hard to answer. I honestly do not have one. My style inspiration is so many things. I am surrounded by so many beautifully creative people, and I pick up on bits and pieces of their styles. The 1920s are my favourite era of fashion, I love the classiness it held. However I love that in modern day fashion you see everything from grunge and layering all the way to tailoring and structure. This is the first era where every style is in style. Pretty cool if you ask me. 

23. Who is your hair crush? Cameron Diaz. Long, short, its always effortless looking.

24. How is your style from different from (hometown) to your style in (current city)? My style is a combination of everything. One second I could be in baggy sweatpants converse and a leather jacket, and the next second I am wearing a long leather pencil skirt with a dress shirt. I dress for every and all occasions. European style in Poland where I am from is very ‘keeping up with the jones’ and Toronto is very minimalist or completely hipster. I think my style represents all of the above. Even my boss was making fun of me the other day, saying how he never knows how I will arrive. It is always a surprise.

25. What was the last country you visited and why? USA New York. I did an escape trip to a place where I never feel lost. New York has an energy like no other, and I needed a boost and a reminder of my energy. 





26. What song would be on the Soundtrack of your life? Marvin Gaye Aint No Mountain High Enough. I cannot tell you why, but just a lot of history throughout my life with this song; might as well bring it into the future with me.

27. What does your hair say about you? I am busy, and on the go.

28. If you could chat to your younger self, what advice or words of wisdom would you tell her? You are going to be just fine. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, this is a lesson you need to learn to become better. 

29. What does it mean to be a part of Amanda Marshall…? Empower women to be comfortable with themselves.

30. Beauty is…. You. Embrace it. Flaunt it.