10 Best Dry Shampoos

I don’t know about you gals, but these days I feel like I’m busier than a three ringed circus! It’s go, go, go, now, now, now – Lord help me, Jeebuz. I honestly don’t know where the days go? Besides the awesome news that Friday’s seem to come quicker than ever, I’m still pressed to find the time for the glory days of shampooing my hair. Ah, that three-hour window of wash, condition, treatment, blow-dry and style before I take on the world like I just stepped out of the salon. But ladies never fear, dry shampoo is here…and here to stay if you ask me!

The Amanda Marshall team has scoured the ends of the earth to find you our 10 dry shampy favs as a guide to know which ones to try and which are the best in the game.

And for all the Wonder Women out there that are still living the glory days of washing their hair daily, dry shampoo can work for you too because it gives great volume on freshly washed hair. Take that!


1. Batiste Cherry Scented  - This is a big drug store fave!  Cost $4.95 

2. Bamboo Style Cleanse Extended Translucent - Celeb endorsed and has been creating quite a buzz. Cost $22

3. Umber Beverly Hills Dry Clean -Creates great volume and body especially great for fine hair Cost $9.99

4. Oribe Drt Texturizing Spray - Huge fan favourite among Beauty Editors & Bloggers! Cost $22



5. Not Your Mothers Clean Freak - Great bang for your buck & great for style diversity. Cost $4.74

6. Klorane Gentile With Aloe & Milk - This keeps your hair touchable and super soft. Cost $9


7. Dove Refresh+Care - Great bang for your buck, lightweight & adds body and shine. Cost $4.89 

8. DryBar Detox - Adds maior body & Boasts Micro powder so your hair does not look powdery. Cost $20

9. Bumble & Bumble Pret-A-Powder - This bit size product packs a big punch, perfect for travellers. Cost $26

10. Lulu Organic Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder - For those of you who want to look good, have beautiful packaging and keep things 100% Natural, Vegan & Fair trade. Cost $30