How to's

Styles For Any Occasion

Hello social calendar! Goodbye sleep. Whether your on vacation, at a family event, girl’s night out, weddings or prom these hairstyles will help you stand and make you queen of the night! That’s why we have your occasion Go-To Styles for day and night inspiration. They’re modern, they’re beautiful and can work with any hair. Now let’s get to work!

1. Voluminous Curls - Don’t take flat hair laying down! This style is especially good for all hair types, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love gorgeous curls! Master the look and get full luscious curls that shine with body and bounce to your tresses. Whether you have naturally curly locks, wavy or straight you can achieve these voluminous curls on medium to long hair. Chic and stunning, this look makes a statement!

All you need is: A medium curling iron, hairpins, and a light hold hair spray. Once each curl is made, put the curl back to together with your fingers. Pin it in and spray it, this is done so your curl can cool and stay super bouncy all night long. Once your entire head is finished, take pins out and finger comb the curls a part, or if you want the super big hair look, flip your head over and comb the back with a wide tooth comb or brush.

2. Soft Waves - Waves have a modern cool girl look with retro appeal. This style keeps your hair looking like minimal effort with maximum effect. This look is beauty, sophisticated, feminine, and attention getting, a real head tuner no matter where you are.

All you need is: A large barrel curling iron and a wide tooth comb or brush. Create a deep side part on whatever side works best for you. Using medium sections, wrap your hair around the iron in a downward motion away from the face. Once your entire head is done, take home or brush to open up the curls. If the ends are too springy, run a flat iron on the ends to smooth out the bounce. For all day hold, use a light hair spray.

3. Rolled Updo – This style can be seen as formal, but with a bit of subtle volume it can have girlish, vintage appeal. This style can work with any hair time and for almost any occasion, that’s what makes it appropriate for high tea with the queen and a day at the beach!

All you need is: A comb, blow dryer, volume enhancing spray and a lot of hair pins. Because the style is so contained, the key is to create volume. Do this by blow-drying your hair upside down and spray in your volume or thickening spray. Create a two inch middle or side part and divide the two sides of hair. Next, lightly tease only the crown of the head to create a little bump of volume. Then starting at the front, you want to start to roll and tuck, then pin and repeat until you get to the back. Leave it there then start at the front on the other side until the back meets and pin, roll and tuck all the hair left in the back.

4. Straight, Sleek Side Part - Sleek and glossy is our little sultry seductive weapon. This style looks dazzling, clean and chic!

All you need is: A blow-dryer, flat brush, tail comb, light hair oil, hair serum, shine spray and a few hair pins if necessary. It’s all about the blow dry, so add a little hair oil to towel dried hair, blow dry straight and make sure you get the hair line really, really straight with your flat brush. Make a super straight part on one side with your tail comb. Use a hair pin behind your ear if you need it pinned down. Mist the hair with a shine spray and especially concentrating on the ends. What makes this look great is its clean, silky and shiny.

5. Wash-n-Go – Calling all curly girls, no matter what your curl pattern, this super fast and easy style can work for you. This look speaks before you do and can work for any occasion. Every curly girl has there own methods depending on the tightness or looseness of their curl, and that’s ok, there is no one way to achieve this drop-dead gorgeous natural look.

All you’ll need is:  A leave-in conditioner, cotton t-shit, nourishing hair oil, blow-dryer with defuser and standard nozzle, gator clips, and a gel/curly pudding or curling cream of your choice. When still in the shower do not wash out all of your conditioner, or spray in a leave-in conditioner. When out of the shower, tilt hair upside down and pat hair dry with your cotton t-shirt. This will help reduce frizz. With head still upside down, scrunch in hair oil, make sure you coat the entire head also getting the roots. With your head still tilted or standing normally, add your curling cream or gel to small sections of hair at a time going in a downward motion until you have completed the entire head. Next pull and gator clip the hair around your crown, this will create volume on top and blow-dry with a defuser until the hair is 70% dry. Then turn your head upside down, this will give all round volume. Once hair is 80% dry take out gator clips, change the defuser nozzle into a narrow one and pull the root up and out and really get in there with the blow-dryer until your roots are dry all around!

6. The Low Pony – Ponytails add flare, fun and uniqueness to the everyday pony. They are super sleek and whether you wear it super straight or with modern waves, the low pony always is good go to - works with pretty much every outfit and occasion.

All you need is: A good flat iron, or curling iron if you're wearing it wavy, extra holding gel or palm aid for the smooth look, hair elastics, and a few pins to hold your hair when rapped around the elastic.

7. Headband Messy Updo – Bad hair day? Or a perfect style if you're growing your bangs out. This look can be dressed up or dressed down. Perfect for a quick on-the-go style.

All you need is: Large headbands and smaller hair elastics and hairpins. If you want more volume use some dry shampoo even if your hair is freshly washed. If your hair is bone straight, an option is to create some large loose curls. Brush them out, then start the updo.

8. Accessories Hair - Translated to every occasion, accessories instantly dresses up your look. Perfect for the days you don’t shampoo, or at the beach, or even an elegant dinner you just need to clip-in or pin a cute accessory and go. These small touches can really transform your look. Make a messy bun and leave some of the front out and curl, then pin the curled pieces back into the bun to create a bit of volume at the front.

All you need is: Hairpins and/or a hair elastic, curling iron if necessary and some light hair spray.


9. Modern bun - It's very polished looking and very easy to achieve, it’s all about the shine and smoothness. This look is classy, sleek and sophisticated.

All you need is: Leave-in condition to give it that smoothness and use a moisturizing serum to give it that shine. Then use a paddle brush to get all the hair together and a bore bristle bush for your edges to give it a really sleek polished finish. Then use some hair elastics to make the initial ponytail and hair pins to tuck the hair under and secure.

10. Boho Hair – The braided headband has a natural, sensual, feminine feel. The best thing about this style is there is no need to be perfect, because it looks effortless and sexy.

All you need is: Hairpins and ouch-less elastic bands. If you want a thick braid and your hair is not enough, use your extensions that are not in use to add thickness to your natural hair. Make the braid first, then put your hair back in a messy bun then secure the braid with pins. If your braid is super long you can add the excess to your bun.